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Kassey Rich

Personal Styling

A seasoned LA-based stylist with a decade of hands-on experience in personal, editorial, red carpet, commercial and campaign styling. Kassey's journey has led her to collaborate with A-listers like Melissa McCarthy, Dave Burd, Quinta Brunson and trailblazers in the entertainment and commercial development industries. Her approach is centered on personalization and working closely with clients to curate a wardrobe that mirrors their individuality and way of life, capturing each client's distinctive style and breathing life into it through a collaborative process. Kassey empowers clients to exude confidence while embracing their unique personal style, whether it's fully defined or waiting to be discovered. Furthermore, she is committed to sustainability, emerging brands, and vintage treasures. Investing additional time and effort to introduce you to fresh brands and designers and will more than likely (over)share tips and tricks, exclusive boutiques, and local fashion-forward events. These elements enrich the spaces between style sessions to amplify your journey towards an enhanced and conscientious wardrobe.

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